US Storage - Water damage to unit


I have been renting a storage unit from US Storage for the past 3 years.I recently took a box filled with business attire and another box filled with business appropriate shoes out of my storage unit.

Upon inspection, I realized my clothes (white dress shirts by Armani, Banana Republic etc) were yellowed and the leather on my shoes was peeling. I have never stored clothes before and thought the shirts may have been normal however, once I saw the condition of my shoes I realized that it was not. Dry rotted leather shoes (Clarks, Gucci, Jeffrey Campbell, Michael Kors etc...

not CHEAP shoes) could only be the work of moisture in my unit.I am extremely upset at this point and have contacted the company who has continued to make excuses rather than take responsibility for their faulty so called climate controlled units!

US Storage - Employees broke into my unit and stole


Employees stole my unit.The day I came in to clear it out, the manager was very nervous when he saw me.

I asked for a cart, he gave me a key and then said -- there's no carts. I said, so what's the key for. He said, that I would have to take a cart from another part of the building and pointed me to the door which I always go to for my unit. I was there the day before and this didn't happen w the same manager.

I got to my unit and the lock was missing and it was ransacked, items were stolen. I told the manager and he said that I didn't lock my unit and they were going to call me but got too busy. He filled out an incident report and printed out the times supposedly someone got into my unit and said that I was the only that went in there. I called the sheriffs and filed a report.

I will contact headquarters and ask to investigate. This place has hired new people. I had no problems with the previous employees. My unit looked like someone on drugs went through it.

My stuff was destroyed, boxes turned over. A plastic cover in a way that you had to step on it to bend it the way it was when I found it. People beware. This manager couldn't fill out the report without shaking.

Believe, I'm pursuing it. The next day I got calls from a number I didn't recognize.

It's all with the cops.

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